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    Saturday, 10 October 2015

    How to download torrents for more than 1GB in a blocked network

    Are you frustrated from blocked network?
    Ain't you able to download quality torrents?
    Have your torrent cache's limited you?

    What is torrent cache?
    Read here!

    So, here we have a solution at the end of this post you will be able to download unlimited torrents!

    step1: Download & Install OpenVPN client.

    step2: Download & Extract VPN bundles for "freevpn".

    step3: Get current username & password.

    (as it frequently changes so make sure you download latest bundle and login credentials)
    for this time use this!

    • Username: freevpnme

    • Password: jw6YhEcb

    step4: Click on UPD 53 or any of options to connect and enter the login credentials.

    step5: Just start your bittorrent, utorrent or any torrent downloader.

    enjoy! your unlimited torrent downloads in just 5 steps.
    #info: click on keywords: "Download", "Get" to go for downloads!
    #note1: you can use other bundles from freevpnbook read from its website!

    For the people who want to download torrent less than 1GB use torrent caching site

    Promo Code: "SATGATE" (for 3GB single torrent uploads and 5GB of storage size with unlimited torrents at a time)
    read more!

    #note2: you may need to bypass some websites in blocked service providers!
    (read last post to do so)
    If you are able to download your favorite torrents of unlimited size please do review us!
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