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    Tuesday, 22 March 2016

    Videos- Years | A Day Of Love

    Inspired by movie "500 Days of Summer"

    "Vocals Synthesized using TTS engine"

    This about a story of boy meets girl. He grew up believing that he will not be happy until the day he meet the one. This is not just a love story, this is about a day that comes to everyone in a year.
    Day 1: This is a regular day, he just wake-up for his job, every morning he thinks will today be special. But, this day he has to run for his job. He works in a bank, but that day some miracle happened to him. The girl said hi! to him. He was so happy and asked her for coffee. Then, the story begins from that day. They started living together, they use to visit places and read together. Every day they used to hangout together.  Days passed today, was 200th day since day 1. But, this day things start to change. She don't want to be in a serious relationship, she had her own reasons. She wants to live free. But, the boy loved her everyday. So, he just left the city and quit his job. But, he has to do something now. So, he went to a company of his dream. There, he started working. But, he was still missing that girl since day 1.

    While, he was working he saw a girl coming towards him. The girl said, i have seen you at the bus stop. He was surprised. He said I didn't remember you. She said may be you should look around. He smiled at her.

    Today, is 365th day since day 1. Now, the boy thinks he found her girl again. But, this became possible only when he moved along and started looking around. These, 365 days of the year was the story for him.

    "don't just wait for the moments that are gone,
    start finding out moments, that are yet to come.
    life is full of surprises."
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