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    Wednesday, 13 September 2017

    How to resize /home partition using /root partition or /linux-swap partition in Ubuntu

     Consider the case shown above, or if you are confused about memory allocations please read carefully each step

    • Boot from USB/Live CD to Ubuntu/Gparted: Because you can't resize/move partitions while they are mounted currently, if you are thinking to do from Windows Disk Management for ext4(Ubuntu) partitions in case of dual boot then also not possible.
    • Open gparted: sudo gparted
    • From this point just be careful & it's more precaution required while you are using dual boot. Just remember or note down ext4(Linux) partitions that needs to be resized. Best way to remember is note-down size while you were logged in Ubuntu for each /home & /root partitions.
    • Right-Click on / root partition to Resize/Move.
    • Shrink size from bottom free option: Move right to left or Click <up> icon from last to your desired size you want to allocate to /home partition.
    • Right-Click on /home partition Resize/Move: Expand to left or Click <up> icon from first to all size you shrinked from above /root partition.
    • Click Ok on all times and finally, click on Tick icon to apply all changes. 
    • If you want to use linux-swap partition. Right-Click SwapOff then Resize/Move in same way. Then Swapon again.
    • About linux-swap: This memory will be used as RAM when you have limited resources. Read More: 
    • Finally, all done safely! A lot more people say & recommend to backup entire disk in case but you can easily do this with some prior knowledge about what you are doing.
    Feel free to comment for any queries!
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