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    Wednesday, 1 November 2017

    How to build Raspberry Pi Smart Robot with Arm to grab things

    A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
    ADDY is a raspberry pi based robot with lot of wide features and modules associated with it few of them are: Wifi, Arm & Gripper, Speakers, 5mp PiCamera 1080p, USB microphone, L293D motor driver, Lights. Integrating all these modules I am trying to develop autonomous robot with features like track faces, objects, voice control, lift light weight things. Also, I have developed software to manually control the robot using pyqt4 package in Python. I went to Techfest 2015 at IIT-Mumbai for BLOCK WARRIOR competition with this bot.


    1. Control ADDY using any language: C/C++, JAVA, Python.
    2. Track and locate places using its camera which can be rotated 180 degrees.
    3. Connect to any device with internet connectivity for remote control.
    4. Webserver & Website on localhost/live to control ADDY(
    5. GUI & key controls for GPIO and its parts.
    In, this tutorial I have written short steps to build a robot with all references and tutorial links because of time shortage.

    Hardware Setup/Required

    • 1. RaspberryPi B+ : To control ADDY and provide signals to GPIO for its I/P & O/P.
    • Processor-Broadcom BCM2835 ARMv6, Chipset-HD multimedia app processor, 512MB SDRAM @400MHz, Storage-MicroSD, 4xUSB Ports, 1.8A@5V, 40GPIO Pins.
    • 2. Gripper Module: For lifting blocks.
    • 3. Power Bank: Intex PB-4K 4000mAH to power RaspberryPi 5V supply.
    • 4. L293D IC: To control 2 single shaft motors @ 300rpm.
    • 5. Speakers: To make ADDY interactive.
    • 6. USB Wifi Adapter: For wireless control & internet connectivity.
    • 7. BreadboardJumper WiresLAN Cable16-Gb Micro SD Card, 8V DC Rechargeable Battery: Buy two 4V DC rechargeable batteries from any electrical shop.
    • 8. 2 x 4 Base Wheel Drive(included 2 Single Centered Shaft Motors).
    • 9. Pi Camera.
    • 10. Pi Case.
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    You can assemble in any way but make sure that it holds all parts tight use tapes or glue-gun.

    1. You can do some DIY stuff for robot body.
    2. Make sure Pi camera get 180 degree flexibility to capture.
    3. You must be able to attach/de-attach LAN and USB devices.
    4. No part should touch wheels.
    5. you can attach both batteries below the base plate using threads/wires to hold it tight.

    Electronics Setup and wiring robot

    Please check the GPIO-PIN numbers to connect.
    PIN Numbers of GPIO to connect motors of wheel, gripper module and LED.
    Motor1A = 15 Motor1B = 13 Motor1E = 11
    Motor2A = 36 Motor2B = 38 Motor2E = 40
    ARM1A = 19 ARM1B = 21 ARM1E = 23
    ARM2A = 16 ARM2B = 18 ARM2E = 22
    LED = 37

    Please Check this tutorial to make connections on breadboard using L293D IC:

    Software Setup/Configurations

    To boot/set-up Raspberry Pi for first time:

    Coding and Testing ADDY

    I have some demo codes and keyboard control using Pygame in python
    Pygame for keyboard control:

    Tkinter for touch interfaces:
    *Make sure you download all files and install required packages. If you want to use your gripper module also you need to add 1 more Motor Driver to control 2 motors for ARM & GRIPPER


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