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    Monday, 18 December 2017

    All you need to know about 17 DOF Humanoid- Robotics using Arduino based controllers

    17 DOF Humanoid Demo

    Before you start working on humanoid make some points for yourself
    • 1. At least one electronics person who can identify voltage drops, register loads, servo controller boards, wirings, GPIO schematics etc.
    • 2. Some mechanics of humanoid which may require research knowledge for different kinds of motion/locomotion.
    • 3. Keep some extra funding for your humanoid LiPo batteries & extra servos which jams while testing.

    If you want to jumpstart with humanoids the basic kit you can buy from below:

    This can be the cheapest but after few tests, I realized it's a huge fail because the batteries they provide didn't stand too long with a steady current to all the servos & even after few walk cycles servos start jamming which results in too much deflection from given tilt-angles.

    This is Arduino based 19-Servo Controller board whose detailed datasheet you can find from this link

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    Coding is Embedded C
    Software Setup:
    I connected Raspberry Pi with Arduino via UART using USB interface for other operations.
    Controller can generate relevant .ino code for various loops & you can further write the code for stabilization, walk cycle etc.

    Some good reads for this project

    Credits: Vamshi Reddy who almost died for this project & helped a lot in setting-up all this.

    Comment/Contact for any other info!
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