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    Sunday, 12 August 2018

    How to create a simple information bot using Tensorflow


    Tensorflow is a Google-powered open-source machine learning libraryfor high-performance numerical computations.
    To get into the basics of Tensorflow, go to

    This tutorial is all about creating a very simple information bot using Tensorflow that will classify the intent of user from the pre-defined intents and provide the corresponding information to the user.

    Follow these steps to create this simple bot -
    1. Clone the github repository from
    2. Install the requirements using the command pip install -r requirements.txt.
    3. Open the intents.json file and create a dictionary with the intents (an example is already present in the file).
      • Tag - it is the intent of the information
      • Patterns - sentence patterns for our neural network text classifiers
      • Responses - it is the answers to the corresponding intent
    4. Now open terminal and enter python and hit enter.
    5. Enter the following lines of code -
      • import nltk
    6. Run the command - python
      You can see your bot being trained. After the training is complete, you can see many new files added to your folder.
    7. Now, just run the command - python
    8. Enter any question with the defined intents and check the reply.

    Author - Prayas Mittal
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